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Materials and barrel life. Rifle barrels are usually made from steel alloys called ordinance. A fellow ordering a custom rifle may have his own ideas about twist, as may the builder After a bit of brainstorming, he came up with adding a bull barrel to Sturm-Ruger's famous and popular 10/22 rifle. His creation; the Clark Custom Ruger 10/22, has since become. Stratton Custom Thompson/Center Encore and Contender Custom Products and Services (.3) ER850 2-Post custom shop hvy rifle barrel .850 The Tactical Hunter rifle review by Petersen's Hunting “This is the. (2) McMillan G30 custom short or long action. Barrel threads and the chamber are cut to critical. Custom handgun work done, general frame and barrel, sight and trigger work preformed. Ask us about our custom stock and barrel painting, engraving service, trued Remington 700 actions, and unique Rifle Shop muzzlebrakes. Payment Terms: 50% Down / 50% Completion



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