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How to grow Sweet Corn, Indian corn, and Popcorn. Growing and planting Corn is popular vegetable in home gardens. Corn Seeds 1A327 Indian Art ( Cranberry ) Corn This is an excellent ornamental corn made available by Rupp Seeds. It is a fast growing corn producing 8-9" ears of delightful cranberry colored. Wanted: Seeds for Indian Corn, gourds, etc~ I have bulbs & seeds Posted by lilyloverlynn 5-Indana (My Page) on Wed, Oct 22, 08 at 23:20. Ornamental Indian Corn Seed.. Please visit our other web sites: Web Site Policies | Terms and Conditions The wife has been buying Indian corn at the local grocery in hopes of using it as seed next spring. Can this be used or is corn bought at a grocery unusable?



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