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Yes, it's yet another one of those tasty looking food inspired USB hubs. This 3-port model is shaped like a chocolate covered cake with some juice I'm making a cake with my boyfriend this weekend a. … I'm making a cake with my boyfriend this weekend and im thinking of maybe a vanilla cake with strawberry OR chocolate filling. Crumb Cake: Chewy Chocolate Chip: Chocolate Deluxe: Chocolate Peanut Butter: Smores: Strawberry Shortcake: Brennwert: 854kJ/203kcal: 847kJ/201kcal: 787kJ/189kcak: 859kJ/204kcal. This tart is so simple, but is rich and indulgent. Its one of those recipes that you don’t want to eat if you know what’s in it, but I cannot resist, its delicious. Everyone knows that chocolate-dipped strawberries make mouthwatering treats. This recipe puts the same flavor combination into a beautiful layer cake. This cake has Joy the Baker written all over it. Why? It’s simple. It’s chocolate all over. It has natural elements that lend a hint of color, and quirky chocolate. If you like to pick your own fresh strawberries, remember to always leave the green cap on the berry. This will help them stay fresh longer.



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