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FoodNetworkTV — July 07, 2008 — Pat and Gina demonstrate an easy but nontraditional sweet potato salad. Cranberry Pecan Sweet Potato Salad recipe is an easy recipe made with convenience products. Canned sweet potatoes and a cranberry pecan salad topper make a delicious potato salad. Complete a picnic meal with this sweet salad, a favorite of Food Network's grilling guru. Gluten-Free Goddess Karina serves up fresh, creative recipes with photographs and tips. I'm just a 15 year old high school student in the Philadelphia suburbs with a love for food. I have an apprenticeship at Lacroix at the Rittenhouse, and will be writing about my. Search by ingredient, course, difficulty and more. Our Recipe Search will search the entire contents of a recipe for a match. We have the best recipe finder online, to help you.



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