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Surya Body Care - available in Australia - buy online. Introduction to Surya Henna Powder. Surya Henna Demi-Permanent Hair Color Surya Henna Cream (2.31 oz.) Sug. Retail $8.95 Our Price $7.45 Surya Henna Cream is available in 14 different colors ranging from blondes. Surya Henna Hair Coloring & Hair Treatment Cream 2.31oz $7.99:: Surya Henna Cream Hair Coloring & Hair Treatment Cream Natural and Organic Dyes. New concept in hair coloring and. Surya Henna - Maximum Nutrition-Brasil Nut. Surya Henna offers a selection of exotic Brazilian Fruits that luxuriously treat and protect your hair from the aggressions of wind.



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