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Names of specific animals, such as jaguar; Rain forest animals. Information Literacy EALRs for Rainforest Animals: Reading. Jaguar Komodo Dragons Macaw Mandrill Monarch Butterfly Mosquitoes Ocelot. Animals of the Rainforest Reptile Refuge Society Information, images and links on Reptiles. Perhaps the loudest animal that shares the rainforest with the jaguar is the howler monkey. A specialized voice box and wide mouth allow the monkey to let loose a loud wail. Jaguar Leopard Panther Snow leopard Survey Poems Pat Safari Link XJ220 : Guestbook Disclaimer. ~ as dawn - and night animals, leopards perform a very energy saving hunt. The prey base of the jaguar is extensive, taking full advantage of the diversity and dense concentration of animal species found in the rainforest areas. Jaguar. Among the most elusive of Costa Rican rainforest species is the jaguar; the largest and most powerful of. Without the jaguar, populations of other animals may. Jaguar (Panthera onca) Its name is an Indian word meaning, "He who kills with one leap." site, the anaconda coils itself tightly around its victim -- likely some large animal.



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