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August 28, 2008. Three Advantages to Using Shock Collar Training Wiredog offers PetSafe Remote Dog Training Shock Collars for your every need. Click here or Call 1-877-773-8569 to order your Petsafe collar today! PST-105s (formerly PDBDT-300 ), Petsafe Big Dog Training Shock Collar.PDBDT-305/PST-105s by Petsafe- designed for Large / Stubborn dogs. Free Shipping & Lowest Prices! The best, most advanced pet containment system on the market today. This Electronic Fence features the Standard Ultralight Receiver and a transmitter capable of protecting an area. We are a Authorized Petsafe, Innotek,Sportdog, and Tri-Tronic. We have bark shock collars, Remote Dog Trainers and more. Deterrent House Little Dog Spray Bark Collar. When used properly, a PetSafe spray bark collar is a great solution to stop nuisance or excessive. Added to queue Remote Control Dog Training Shock & Vibration C. 13,585 views.



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