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duck decoy $ 9.99: herter's drake canvasback mint duck decoy $ 9.99: herters reloading dies .270/308 winchester nice no res $ 0.99: nice pair of herter's duck decoys redhead. The machine thread matches factory eye bolts as supplied by decoy companies such as Herters and. Wood Duck Decoy Heads * Use NOTES section of order form to specify: Drakes & Hens. below is a list of the decoy makers we will be handling. ward sawyer, howell, seymour, lacrosse fish, lincoln, rathmell, herters, boyd, dilley, oil paintings, gunning box, duck. Josiah Traver's Black Duck Duck Decoy. It looks to be a Herters full size Canvasback. It is in Herters Hen Mallard Duck Decoy 1940's: Channel: Antiques. Great old 1940's Herters duck decoys. Hen mallard and a Green head. Wood decoys. Duck Decoys - Goose Decoys - Turkey Decoys - Deer Decoys. Herters Decoys - Carry Lite Decoys -. 12 Wood Duck Decoy Stands For Mason Dodge Hayes Decoys: 12 Dowel Peg Decoy Stands use for.



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