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Clean used vehicles. Welcome to Eye Candy Auto Sales. We are a small independent dealer that strives to make your buying experience pleasurable and hassle free. Here is eye candy for you staright from auto expo 2010. Wheels columnist Lorraine Sommerfeld wonders why, in 2010, automobile manufacturers continue to use provocatively-dressed women to promote their products. CNBC coverage of the latest sports car models at the New York Auto Show. Charlie Bit My Finger Auto Tune Remix. Eye Candy Designs Coming up this weekend, toddlers stuff, I found some great boys ringer tee. Auto Lock a Computer with a USB Drive. Most people carry a USB drive around for storing files on-the-go, but that's not all. This Aerocar N103D Flying Plane Car Single Engine Auto Fly is available in the ebay for $3, 500, 000. Wow, the Cool Flying plane car design from 1956.



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